About Thakadu Bush Camp

Thakadu Bush Camp, in a prime location, a mere 3km from Ghanzi, offers a perfect blend of tranquility and accessibility.

A woman interacting with the Kudu in Thakadu bush camp

A tranquil oasis nestled in the heart of the Kalahari

We are a small, owner managed lodge that takes great pride in our warm welcome, friendly service and peaceful surroundings. Thakadu Bush Camp provides a true Kalahari experience with all the rustic authenticity we can muster.

Opened in 1999 by Chris and Jeanette Woolcott, Thakadu Bush Camp has built a strong reputation as a great place to stop over for a comfortable nights rest and delicious food.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

A Family Owned Rustic Camp

Thakadu, meaning Aardvark in Setswana was started in 1999 by Chris and Jeanette Woolcott, we are a family owned rustic bush camp with added comforts. We are situated on a private game reserve, with all emphasis being with truly experiencing the feel of the Kalahari and a personal relaxed environment.

Thakadu Bush camp chalets
Thakadu Bush Camp Pool

Through the years many things may have changed at Thakadu Bush Camp. But the one thing that has not change over the years, is the relaxed and peaceful experience that is synonyms with Thakadu Bush Camp

Kudu and springbok


We have a plethora of Kalahari game from giraffe to steinbok, resident shy nocturnal aardvark to predators such as cheetah that come and go as they please. It is safe however to walk around freely as there is no dangerous game. the birdlife is astonishing with resident and migratory birds.

Our Community

The San people have recently been exposed to Western civilization at a rapid rate due to the movement from ancestral hunting grounds in the central Kalahari to out lying settlements.

We work with the local San communities around us to allow the San people keep their culture alive for present and future generations through access to land and an opportunity to showcase the unique culture of their forefathers to the western world through tourism.

Conservation Efforts

We also have a keen eye on conservation, by teaming up with projects such as vulture research and building a vulture restaurant we will continue helping this species.

We have a strong link with Texas University’s research team who come every year and conduct studies on how to more sustainably utilize the land and reduce degradation and with these findings, we advise surrounding farms and also have a hand in a new carbon project.

Getting to Thakadu Bush Camp